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Saving a PDF on the Location

If you have already uploaded the document within document management, all you need to do is transmit that document to the vessel and it will be in the Documents tab on the vessel within the folder you have created. Once the vessel opens and fills out the form, they should just have to click SAVE on the PDF.  If it is requiring for the user to click SAVE AS, this is incorrect - please follow the below steps if it is requiring to SAVE AS:

Turn OFF - Enable Protected Mode at Startup

In order to allow documents to 'save' successfully when in use in Vessel 365, the computer's Adobe Reader's Protection Settings need to be set correctly.
From within Adobe Reader, navigate to Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) and un-check/turn off "Enable Protected Mode at Startup" and click OK.  

'Save' a document; do not 'Save As'

When populating documents within Vessel 365 and closing the documents, always SAVE the document with your entered contents; do NOT utilize the 'save as' feature of a document within Vessel 365.

If a computer crashes/dies, all that needs to be done is to install V365 on the new computer as the same vessel and all previous data will then sync from shore to the vessel.

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