Proper Log Out of the Product procedure:

At the end of your session, there is a correct procedure for logging out of the session and off of the server. 


1. To end your session and save your work it is necessary to follow the correct steps. First, step is to log out of the product.

a. Click the Exit icon located on the top ribbon.

b. Confirm and Save. Click Yes.

2. After the product closes, you will be back on the Remote Desktop screen:

a. This screen is the desktop screen for your RDP and looks just like a normal Windows desktop, with the exception of the top bar that contains the server name that you are connected to.

b. You can use the top bar command to Minimize the screen if you need to have access to your regular desktop screen by clicking the minus (-) sign.  This only minimizes the RDP screen.

c. Do not however, use the X option to log off of the RDP because it will not actually stop your session and your log in will continue to run and then time out, requiring it to be reset by an administrator.

3. The correct process to log off of the RDP is to use the Start menu.

4. Click Log Off to close out of the RDP.

a. The system saves your settings and logs you off of the RDP.